MoviePals is the movie-making network with tools, talent and inspiration to help you achieve your dreams.
Making Movies is hard and so is breaking into the industry. Independent filmmakers must collaborate, build an audience and earning revenue to be successful. MoviePals provides tools, talent, and inspiration to help people create films together and pairs that with an On-demand movie directory to help people discover those great films and reward their creators.
The “creator” side of MoviePals works to connect people in every facet of the film production industry, whether they’re actors, writers, editors, directors, whatever, to meet and collaborate on original projects with each other. In addition to the other tools MoviePals offers to its members: stock video, audio, and photography; Task Management and Screenwriting software , it has never been easier for aspiring filmmakers to find and work with like minded people to create high quality films.

The streaming movie directory (MoviePals Watch) adds new movies in almost real time and is available for anyone to watch 24/7 for a small monthly fee. But unlike other streaming networks each month half the subscription price is credited back to the user (person watching the movies) in the form of credits. As these users watch movies they have a choice to a send part of the their subscription payment (in the form of credits) directly to the filmmaker. The filmmaker can checkout and earn money instantly as their film is being enjoyed. These credits expire and must be given away. This system empowers audiences to directly reward the content they like.