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One of our members, video editor and special effects artists Steven Wong shared this cool video.

Ever noticed how huge Hollywood blockbusters seem to have endless locations and the plot can go from one part of the world to another?

In a recent interview, Michael Ironside (co-star of Machinist) revealed that the screenwriter, who is about 5'6, had written in his own weights in the script and Bale who stands at 6 feet tall, dec

Most Common Modern Day Movie Poster Elements

Before audiences even know the general plot of a movie, they'll see the film's poster.

You've all seen that long list of credits accompanying even the cheesiest independent film, but this list is extreme in the opposite way.

7 Fake trailers that got made into real movies

With a headline like that you may be wondering what makes a movie trailer fake as opposed to… ah not fake?

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