The MoviePals PRO Account
Enjoying MoviePals? Want to get more out of your membership, help make MoviePals better and get a “boat load” of new features including a streaming movie directory? Of Course you do, well, we hope you do and here’s why:

What you will get

  • Watch Unlimited Movies on
    Get unlimited access to films, shorts & more, all stored on the cloud and support the films you love by directly crediting & donating to the creators after you watch! Quality new titles are being added as fast as we can.
  • Get half of your money back monthly to give to other members
    Give money in the form of credits to any members you want), 50% of your pro membership fee, gets credited back to your account as MoviePals credits, which you can give to other members, for reasons like, you support what they’re working on, you watched on their films and enjoyed it, or you want to work with them. Whatever the reason, you have credits and can give them to any MoviePals Pro member.
  • Be able to receive credits from any MoviePals Pro Member.
    Earn revenue from your films, projects and support.) Withdraw your credits for Cash send directly to your PayPal account.
  • Submit your movies and videos to be in our directory and earn money
    Distribute your films on Also see (How to submit your movie on MoviePals once you are a pro member). Why this is a pro feature and how much you can make.
  • Unlimited access and rights to use stock videos, photos and sounds in our library.
    Browse library here. Pro members will see a download button that enables them to download and reuse any of the images or videos in this section.
  • As the number of PRO users, MoviePals has made commitments to it’s users and made our goals of what we will build in a track-able way.
    Help us build a better movie-making community and empower filmmakers in a way no one else is doing. See what we plan on doing as. Note: full message on our strategy, why, we’re doing it this way, and how you can contribute..
  • Feel good about contributing to an active movie-making community and joining a place where your passions can THRIVE!